Design & Engineering

Spring Fab has an experienced engineering and design expertise, focused on total solutions in our areas of specialization – containment, shielding, process equipment, sterilization, material handling, vacuum chambers and controls.


Services and Capability


·         Structural analysis

·         Seismic analysis

·         Electrical and controls design, programming

·         Schematics, P&ID’s (AutoCAD®)

·         Solid modeling (SolidWorks® and ProEngineer® )



·         Nuclear containment

Ø      Shielding design, shielding calculations

Ø      Hot cells

Ø      Manipulators utilization, ergonomics

Ø      Transfer devices (airlocks, RTP’s, sphincter seals)

·         Pharmaceutical Isolation

Ø      Process containment

Ø      Freeze driers

Ø      Isolator-to-equipment integration

Ø      Air handling, environmental controls

Ø      Laminar airflow and filtration design

Ø      Radiopharmaceutical hot cells

Ø      E-beam sterilization

Ø      Transport mechanisms (conveyors, interlocked doors)

·         Environmental control

Ø      Bio safety cabinets

Ø      Temperature controlled systems (hot / cold, within containment)

Ø      Chemical dip tanks (mechanized, automated)

Ø      Engineered air handling (ultra-clean directed airflows, humidity, pressure)