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Glove Boxes: An Innovation that Continues to Excite

On Mar 25, 2016


Glove Boxes: An Innovation that Continues to Excite

At some point during the 1940s, glove boxes became a permanent fixture in military facilities where radioactive materials research was conducted. Those early models were made of steel, with only a small viewing window and stationary glove ports. Following the end of World War II, the boxes became more commonly used in medical research, for the creation of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. By the end of the 1970s, NASA was using glove boxes to handle and study rocks brought back from the moon. In modern society, nuclear (or isolation) glove boxes are being used across a spectrum of industries, from electrical plants to hospital nurseries. From their first inception, glove boxes have provided users with the ability to dictate the atmosphere in which tasks will be carried out—allowing for reliable results and safer working conditions.

Springs Fab-ATG is known for its specialized glove boxes and hot cells for nuclear uses, but we also build boxes to suit for other uses, including: pharmaceutical, electronics and scientific applications. Our boxes can be modified to suit any design specification: appurtenances, environmental controls and ergonomic parameters will be built to exact specifications. In addition, the box can be manufactured from stainless steel, or any other customer specified material, and offers cleanable polished surfaces with chemically resistant PDVF coatings, or any other customer specified finish.

Call us today to discuss your next project: we’re confident we can build you the best box—customized for your exact needs.

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