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Design & Engineering


Springs Fab - Designing for manufacturability is fundamental to Springs Fab - ATG.  As a result you will save time and money when entrusting us with your project. Our skilled design team has helped our customers to design, or redesign their products for ease of manufacturing, increased value and shorter manufacturing times. Our design service is available for projects from simple process parts to complex equipment and turnkey systems.

Springs Fab - ATG is well-known, and sought after, for our ability to reduce cost by optimizing designs for manufacturability. In addition, we utilize 3D design software to model and produce manufacturing drawings to insure accurate and complete designs.  The 3D design tool allows for most if not all manufacturing issues to be discovered and solved at the design stage versus during manufacturing when costs and schedule are impacted the most.



·         Structural Analysis

·         Seismic Analysis

·         FEA Analysis

·         Electrical and Controls Design, Programming

·         Schematics & P&ID`s

·         Solid Modeling


·         Nuclear Containment

o       Shielding Design, Shielding Calculations

o       Hot Cells

o       Manipulators utilization, ergonomics

o       Transfer devices (airlocks, RTPS`s, sphincter seals)

·         Pharmaceutical Isolation

o       Process Containment

o       Freeze driers

o       Isolator-to-equipment integration

o       Air handling, environmental controls

o       Laminar airflow and filtration design

o       Radiopharmaceutical hot cells

o       E-beam sterilization

o       Transport mechanisms (conveyors, interlocked doors)

·         Environmental Control

o       Bio safety cabinets

o       Temperature controlled systems (hot/cold, within containment)

o       Chemical dip tanks (mechanized, automated)

o       Engineered air handling (ultra-clean directed airflows, humidity, pressure)

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